George Sanders loved the sea…

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George’s love of the sea is beautifully written about on page 7 of Richard VanDerBeets authorized biography of George entitled George Sanders: An Exhausted Life (Lanham : Madison Books, c 1990). To quote the passage

“George’s life-long love of the sea, especially evident during his early Hollywood years, began in childhood.  At age five he and Tom were invited to play with the children of Grand Duke Michael; during tea the Grand Duke talked to the children and asked George what he was going to be when he grew up.  According to his mother, George replied, ” ‘A naval officer.’  The Grand Duke asked: ‘English or Russian?’  Promptly came George’s reply, with a strong accent on the last word: ‘English, of course.'”  Three decades later, asked by a Hollywood interviewer what he would be if not an actor, he replied, “I’d be a seaman. I’ve spent my thirty-six years changing my mind, but I’ll never change my mind about the sea. I’ve had a boat of my own for weekends and spend many happy hours aboard it scraping and polishing…I’d do the same on someone else’s deck.” He had named his boat Frustration.”

He may have had his boat at the time he had a house in Laguna Beach, California.

George did make several movies set at sea: Strange Cargo (1936), Slave Ship (1937), The Black Swan (1942), Captain Black Jack (1950), and  The Last Voyage (1960).

As I mentioned in an earlier post, George’s ashes were scattered in the English Channel…

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