George’s portrayal of “Uncle Harry”

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Last night I was watching The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (1945) for the hundredeth time and it occurred to me that it might be fun to post a slideshow of scenes from the movie. George starred in the title role with Geraldine Fitzgerald co-starring as one of his sisters and lucky Ella Raines as his love interest.  One of the scenes in the slideshow features  the telescope he built from scratch, even grinding the lenses, and which he sold to Universal Pictures for “Uncle Harry”.  If you haven’t seen the movie you have missed some superb acting by George.  As one critic put it “Chief among its [the movie’s] assets is a superb change-of-pace performance by George Sanders in the title role.  The supercilious air of disdain is banished, replaced with a shyness and a self-effacement that are both surprising and appealing.  Yet there’s still a fire within Sanders, and the ways in which he lets it erupt in Harry are fun to witness.”  You can see this review at  George is at his most handsome in this movie…

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