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I tried to present a slideshow of photos of you, George, showing your handsomeness chronologically through the years. I hope I succeeded! I know that you would still be stunningly handsome at 110!

George, you are SO very handsome to me at every age,  although I must confess a weakness for the photo of you from the movie “The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry” (1945).  If I haven’t already done so I need to create a post just about you in that movie. Because Harry is so very different from the other roles you played, particularly that  of a Cad,  it really shows your talent and versatility as an actor , as well as your incredible good looks and sexiness!

It continues to amaze me that although I have been watching your movies through the years I still cannot take my eyes off you!  When you are on the screen I am so captivated and mesmerized by you that a dozen naked men could be dancing around the scene but I would never notice them. When I look at your incredibly handsome face I am reminded of the song by Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are”. To paraphrase:

“When I see your face there’s not a thing that I would change ’cause you’re amazing just the way you are.

And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while ’cause you’re amazing just the way you are!”

I will be spending all day on your birthday watching movies of you and drinking Starbucks mocha frappuccinos. I cannot eat while watching you so no alcohol until I take a break for supper. After that I will have a very dry vodka martini, or two, while I watch you in “The Saint” series. I love to drink a martini when you drink yours in “The Saint In London”, which was actually filmed in London and was released in June 1939. I have read that the director of the movie had been looking forward to working with you but was surprised when you arrived with a Prussian haircut. This was because you had just completed filming a film where you played a Nazi, I think it was “Confessions of a Nazi Spy”, which was released in May, 1939. During the filming of “London” you had to wear a hairpiece but you were still stunningly handsome. I recognized that it was a hairpiece because your hair grows down slightly further on the left side of your forehead and it was straight across in the hairpiece.

I am still deciding which of your wonderful movies to watch on your birthday, which is a difficult decision because I love all your movies. At present I’m thinking they will be: “Foreign Correspondent”(1940), “Rebecca” (1940), “The Lodger” (1944), “Hangover Square” (1945), “The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry” (1945), and “Journey to Italy” (filmed in 1953, released in 1954), plus “The Saint” series, at least the first four. I am not particularly fond of the fifth, “The Saint In Palm Spring”, because in this movie the Saint takes on more of the characteristics of “The Falcon”, which you began filming that same year, 1941. You are great as The Falcon, but I much prefer the character you played as “The Saint”. Also, I loved your hair best before you began to part it in 1941, but that is just me. I hope I have time to watch all these movies!!

You filmed a number of movies in which you played a Nazi. You once remarked that you were cast in that role because you could say “schweinhund”, which in German is the vile insult, “pig-dog”, with such feeling. When I was working in the Main Reading Room at the Library of Congress I would occasionally assist someone from Germany. I always told them that I only knew two bits of German, “Ich liebe dich”, which means “I love you” and “schweinhund”,i.e., pig-dog. They always found this amusing.

I am going today to buy your birthday card (or cards!) today. I will try to control myself and only buy a couple rather than the half dozen or so that I usually buy. I guess I continue to be so besotted with you that one card is not enough.

Well, I will end this post by writing what I always write and say about you: There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be a man as brilliant, talented, handsome, sexy, and desirable as George Henry Sanders!


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