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I decided not to be morose during this depressing month but rather to celebrate your life, George. I have chosen to do so in this post by showing photos of you playing the musical instruments you were so good with. I could not find a photo of you playing the saxophone so I have used those with you with the piano of you with the guitar and the piano. You were so talented!

It has been a long time since I wrote a post and I do not remember how to caption the photos or how to save it so I hope I publish the post successfully.

The photo with where George is with another guy and George is playing the guitar is from the movie “Green Hell” which was released January 26, 1940. George is playing and singing “Home on the Range” in an English accent! So cute! In the next photo George is relaxing and playing the guitar at home after he married Benita.  In the first piano photo George is playing the piano and singing for Barbara Shelley on the set of “Village of the Damned” released December 7, 1960. She looks as if she is enjoying it as well she should!

In the next piano scene, George is with Douglas Sirk, director, and Geraldine Fitzgerald on the set of “The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry”, released August 17, 1945, the month  after  George’s 39th birthday. Just look at the sweet, happy smile on George’s handsome face. I love it when he is happy like that! The next photo is on the set of the same movie. Note the far-away look in George’s eyes. You can see the same look in his eyes in the next photo. Here George is playing the piano at a private party in Madrid in 1960 after he had married Benita.

I have no information on the next photo but from George’s beard it looks as if it was taken at home sometime when he was filming “Bluebeard’s 10 Honeymoons”, released April 2, 1960. Not my favorite photo of George.

In the next piano photo George is sitting at the piano with Ethel Merman when they filmed “Call Me Madam”, released 1953-04. George had a European accent in the movie and he spoke it very well. George sang beautifully in this movie. People didn’t know he could sing and at first thought it was dubbed. It was said that this was the first time George sang in a movie but that was not correct: George sang in “Green Hell” (1940), in “Uncle Harry” (1945), and  “The Private Affairs of Bel Ami”, April 25, 1947.

In the last photo George is playing the piano on the set of the movie “The Last Voyage”. Note the big hole in the floor beside George. The movie was filmed in Japan and was released February 19, 1960. George wrote something about it in his book, “Memoirs of a Professional Cad”, released by Putnam in 1960. It was witty.


Here is a photo I didn’t put in earlier. George is with Esther Williams on the set of Jupiter’s Darling”, released February 18, 1955.

George always had a piano on the set of a movie he was filming. He like to play the piano and relax sometimes between take.

This is a short post but I hope to publish others soon which will discuss some movies George filmed.

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  1. ned skinner
    Dec 11, 2017 @ 02:27:54

    Hello, Ms. Robinson- I have always been interested in the career of George Sanders and will ask a couple of questions in the hope that you’ve likely done your share of research. In movies like Lancer Spy, Bitter Sweet and Son of Monte Cristo, et al., he wore a type of high and tight haircut that seemed unusual, even for military roles, during that era in film. Did you ever come across any details as to why he might have made these hairstyle choices. As a military man and film buff who notices these type of things, I’ve always found it curious. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


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