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George, I have no new words to say about your shuffling off this mortal coil 46 years ago this April 25. I know the reason you left us and do not fault you for this. Beginning to have Alzheimer’s disease you felt you had no choice. You saw what your sister Margaret went through nursing your mother during the same disease and you did not want Margaret to go through that again. You had such a brilliant mind that the loss of it was more than you could bear. I wish I could have been there to help you through the dreadful time. I wish I could have given you comfort. May you rest in peace, George.

Thank you, George, for all the wonderful movies and photos you left us and the wonderful album you made with that beautiful singing voice of yours. So deep and rich that your voice was often compared to a well tuned cello. They have brought me solace.  When I hear Pachelbel’s Canon  & Gigue I cry because it is so beautiful that it makes me think of your beauty.   To me, there is not now, nor had there ever been, nor will there ever be a man as brilliant, talented, handsome, sexy and desirable  as you, George Henry Sanders! What else can I say?

I am glad that this sad, depressing month only comes once a year. Most of the time I can just think about the pleasant times you had in your life and wish that they could have continued.

I am working on a more pleasant post where I compare the two movies you made with Ingrid Bergman–“Rage In Heaven” in 1941 and “Journey to Italy” in 1954. Hopefully, I can post that soon.

Good bye for now, darling George.

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