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It has been 47 years since you left us. Every year at this time I am consumed with sadness and shed many tears. I wish you could have been spared the sadness and illness of your final years. You are too good to have to have suffered as you did.  You were so alone.

One solace that we have is that you left us with so many wonderful films covering so many years. The earliest I have seen you in is the  1936 film “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”. You had a very brief appearance at the beginning of the film where you were tastefully nude with oil on your body and were riding a greased horse across the night sky. There were two others with you and  you later wrote that you were the only one who didn’t slide off the horse.  The last one you made , “The Death Wheelers”, was released in 1973 after your death. I never watch it because it is depressing.

My personal favorite films are your Saint films (1939-1941), “Foreign Correspondent” (1940) and “Rebecca” (1940). You only had a few scenes in Rebecca but you played the ultimate cad beautifully and you were oh so handsome. Personally I find you to be at your most handsome during the late 1930s and 1940s. I plan to spend the entire day of your death watching those films.

This is a very short post because it such a sad one. I hope the next post will be a happy one.


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