Happy 113th Birthday, Dearest George Sanders!!!

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I wish I were better at adding and labeling the photos, George. I am unable to do you justice. This may be the last blog I will be able to post–I will see.

You were such a wonderful actor and much underappreciated. FINALLY your talent was recognized with your very well deserved Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for your exceptional acting as Addison DeWitt  in the 1950 movie “All About Eve”. I found you just as good in your other movies. You acted “The Cad” in many of your movies, such as Rebecca–but you were a most handsome consummate cad. However, you played the role of a “decent chap” in so many movies. In the same year as “Rebecca”, 1940, you were  a decent chap in “Foreign Correspondent”–one of my favorite  of your movies. One of my favorite scenes in all your movies was the scene you played with Herbert Marshall in his study in “Foreign Correspondent”. You were wonderful and at your most handsome!! You were cast as a romantic, lovable man who got the girl in the 1941 movie “Rage In Heaven”. Of the 138 movie you made you were a good guy in many of them.

In addition to your acting talents you had a beautiful, deep,smooth, speaking voice which was often compared to a well tuned cello and a marvelous bass baritone singing voice, as you showed in “Call Me Madam” in 1953. Ethel Merman was very complimentary about you saying you were very believable, sweet and warm as toast. You had earlier been offered a singing role by the San Francisco Opera which you turned down and when Ezio Pinza left the Broadway cast of South Pacific you were hired as his replacement but you later decided not to play the role.  You released an album of love songs in 1957 entitled “The George Sander Touch. Songs For The Lovely Lady”. Of course I own one of the original ones!

Miss you, George Sanders! No one has replaced you. To me, there is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be a man as brilliant, talented,  suave, sophisticated, debonair, handsome, sexy and desirable as George Henry Sanders!

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